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Helping Wine Lovers Find BYOW, Bring Your Own Wine, Restaurants and More

South Africa — CorkageFee, the popular restaurant guide for wine enthusiasts, has announced its official launch in South Africa. The app now features a comprehensive directory of restaurants, wineries, wine clubs, and wine-related businesses in the country.

South Africa’s food and wine scene has been heavily influenced by its port city, Cape Town. Throughout the country, you can experience unique global cuisine with local ingredients and traditions. A special experience for locals and tourists alike is The Test Kitchen Carbon in Johannesburg. The wine scene in South Africa, although it has been around for centuries, has really taken off in the last 20 years. Many new passionate wine makers have committed their careers to change the South African wine industry from a just popular export to a wine destination.

Free CorkageFee App Launches in South Africa

CorkageFee is designed to help users easily find restaurants that allow them to bring their own wine, as well as browse promotions and specials listed by participating establishments. Restaurants and other businesses can gain access to a valuable source of potential customers by paying a low annual fee and appearing in the app’s directory.

“Our app is a unique community for wine enthusiasts and businesses alike, and we’re excited to bring it to South Africa,” said Adrian Esquivel, Founder of CorkageFee. “Our directory helps users find new dining experiences, while providing businesses with an additional revenue stream.”

In addition to the directory, CorkageFee also offers features such as the ability to call, get directions, and search for nearby wine shops or wineries.

CorkageFee was developed by TECKpert, a Miami-based technology consulting and staff augmentation firm, and is available for free on the Apple app store.

To learn more about CorkageFee and how to get listed in the directory, visit the website at

About CorkageFee

The CorkageFee app serves as a restaurant guide for wine enthusiasts. It is designed as a community where users can share corkage fees for all of their favorite dining spots. We recognized a high demand for corkage fee information, but no centralized place to discover local BYOW policies. The CorkageFee app gives you access to corkage fees for all your favorite restaurants. Download the app to be a part of our wine community.

About TECKpert

TECKpert is a minority-owned, small business designated, tech consulting and staff augmentation business providing solutions to supplement or build technical teams. Since 2009, our highly skilled digital talent has implemented transformational solutions for a variety of organizations, large and small. Our talent is focused in providing solutions through web & software development, mobile development, IT & Cloud, Design & Creative, Marketing, and Data Science & Analytics. Our mission is to transform organizations with talent and technology. We are able to do this with the best talent available on our proprietary platform giving our clients the ability to scale-up or down, as necessary, based on needs of the project, contract and organization.


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