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Almost everyone enjoys a night out every once in a while, but what if you are on a strict budget and you are one of those special people that prefers to go out a few times a week? There are innovative and creative ways to have a great night out without overdrawing your bank account. The next time you find yourself strapped for cash but still want to enjoy the nightlife try one of these or all of the following tips for a cheaper night out.

  • Take Advantage of BYO Options – BYO isn’t for college parties anymore. Take your significant other to your favorite BYO-friendly restaurant. This is the perfect time to choose a bottle from your own wine collection and enjoy it while dining out. A wide variety of restaurants worldwide offer the option to bring your own bottle of wine. However, make sure you inquire what the corkage fee is before arriving by checking the CorkageFee app (iOS & Android).
  • Dine at a Culinary School Restaurant – Get a taste of the next big thing by going to a local culinary school’s restaurant. There, you’ll get a chance to try delicious meals by up-and-coming chefs without the 5-star restaurant price.
  • Attend Art Gallery Openings – Inquire with your local art gallery what days they have extended hours and if they will be serving complimentary refreshments. This allows you to enjoy an evening viewing captivating art pieces and appetizers absolutely free. You will also have the chance to socialize and discuss the works of art.
  • Go to an Open-Mic Night – Local coffee shops and bookstores frequently offer open-mic nights to attract customers. This is your chance to invite friends along, slowly sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the complimentary live entertainment. There is usually a variety of entertainment with each act including poetry readings, singing, unique musicians, comedy acts and much more. You can enjoy all of this for just the cost of a cup of coffee.

Remember that creating memories to cherish on a night out with a special someone or friends are more important than how much money you spend. Be creative with where you spend an affordable night out and you may find that you have a better time than you expected. You may begin to prefer these alternatives and discover new ways to spend a cheaper night out.


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