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While many wine enthusiasts tend to flock to wines from Europe and Australia, many do not realize there are exceptional wines right here in the United States. There are plenty of vineyards located throughout America including California, Oregon, New York State, Virginia, Oregon and more. While most of the wines are excellent there are few that are absolutely the best.

  • 2006 Heron California Chardonnay – This light, crisp Chardonnay is created from some of California’s top regions including Santa Maria Valley and the Russian River Valley.
  • 2010 Failla Estate Vineyard Chardonnay – Created on the Sonoma Coast this classic wine has notes of pears, green apples, citrus fruits and honey. It is known for its perfectly acidic long finish.  
  • 2009 Merry Edwards Klopp Ranch Pinot Noir – This rich wine is created in what is known as the Russian River Valley in the heart of the Sonoma Valley. It has a wide variety of notes such as black raspberries, cherries, orange zest, pomegranates, anise, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and mushrooms.
  • 2006 A to Z Wineworks Oregon Chardonnay – This extraordinary wine has notes of apple flavors and is one of the best unoaked Oregon Chardonnay’s available today.
  • 2007 Cayuse En Cerise Vineyard Syrah – This aromatic wine is created in Walla Walla Valley, Oregon. It has perfectly blended notes of cassis, rosemary and blood orange.
  • 2004 ForestVille Pinot Grigio California – This zesty delightful wine is dry and has notes of peach, melon and citrus.
  • 2009 Messina Hof Chenin Blanc – This medium-bodied, aromatic wine is created in Texas. It has notes of lanolin, beeswax and pear. This wine is perfect for those who prefer a less-fruity wine.
  • 2009 Backhouse Pinot Grigio California – This clean, dry wine is crisp and has notes of Mandarin oranges, limes and lemons.

These extraordinary wines are perfect choices to add to your wine collection. They are also a great introduction to American wines. They are also perfect to give as gifts and to serve at dinner parties. Share your knowledge of American wines by hosting a wine tasting party and serving some of these excellent selections.


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