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Hi Everyone!

I’m very happy that you’ve come to my little corner on the web. If you love wine and food, then you’re going to like what I have to say. Before I post my first entry about a great local place I visited, I wanted to take this time to tell you a little about me:

Gabriel is my name; wining and dining is my game. I love coming across a great wine and sharing it with some good company when out for dinner. I have a hard time picking favorites, but I’m a sucker for a delicious Cab – especially with a nice steak or a pasta with a rich red sauce. Don’t get me wrong, I could always go for a refreshing Chenin Blanc as well, but reds just have my heart (they’re good for it too, you know).

We’ve set up this Corner of the website where I can write about my experiences drinking different wines and visiting new places. This isn’t your hoity toity wine blog – it’s filled with real and honest helpful opinions that don’t require a Master Somm diploma to understand. I hope you find my reviews and entries useful on your wine journey. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter below to get the latest posts delivered to your inbox.

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