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There are wine lovers all over the world that savor every sip of delectable wine and quickly spit out the not so great tasting wines. Of course in public the “spit out” is done with elegance and grace not to offend anyone, but in privacy it is followed with a scrunched up face and some verbal groans and screams. Those who are newbies to the world of wine may wonder what are some of the secrets and confessions of the more experienced wine lover. The following confessions do not have names to protect the wine lover’s secret identity. What you are about to read are private confessions, don’t judge, well at least don’t judge too much. This could be you one day! Or, maybe it already is?

  • Gave into Pressure to Drink Sangria all Summer – Right before summer officially shines its light on the world, the exciting wine industry starts promoting delicious fruity Sangria mixtures that promise to make your summer extra special. There were so many of these recipes to try, the wine lover spent all summer trying every single one of them. Let’s just say her summer was extra special. Well, what she can remember of it.
  • Uses as a Secret Cooking Ingredient – This wine lover was tired of family and friends saying he couldn’t cook well. One day he decided to marinate some steaks in a bottle of his favorite red wine and then grilled it. He served it to friends that thought he bought it at the local restaurant. To this day, red wine is his secret cooking ingredient.
  • Prefers twist off tops to cork – There is something to say about the cork top. It adds a bit of romance and excitement just hearing that cork pop. However, this wine lover actually prefers the twist-off wine bottle top. They feel that they don’t have to aerate their wine as long when compared to wine that has a cork top.
  • Served cheap wine but said it was expensive – Everyone lives on a budget and at times needs to impress people. This inventive wine lover was in a pinch and decided to serve a less expensive bottle of wine and told everyone it was an expensive bottle. His guests loved it and kept commenting on how the balance and notes in the wine were perfect.
  • Attempted to make homemade wine – While many wine lovers have their technique perfected when making their own wine. This wine lover decided to create her own wine for the first time and then invite friends over for a taste test. Let’s just leave it to your imagination what the results were.
  • Best friends with wine – This wine lover is convinced that wine is her best friend. It is always there for her when she needs it, through all of the good times and bad times in life.
  • Bathed in wine – This wine lover decided she loved wine so much she poured it into her bath water. She soaked in her bath of red wine for quite a while. The results were soft skin that had a bit of a red tone.

What is your secret wine confession? Share it below.  Surely it is as funny and interesting as the ones listed here. Why not invite friends over for a delectable bottle of wine or for some Sangria concoctions and make new memories by spilling all of your secrets.


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