What is a Corkage Fee?



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So, you want to know exactly what a Corkage Fee is, right?

Here’s a clear and basic definition of what it means:

“It’s the price of bringing your own wine bottle to a restaurant.”

Many people don’t know that you can do this and actually save money when drinking wine when they eat out. Now, not all restaurants are BYOB-friendly and there are some guidelines you should follow before bringing your own bottle of wine.

If you’re looking for restaurants in your area that allow diners to bring in wine and want to know what they charge, then download our app. CorkageFee allows you to filter restaurant results by distance, fee and ratings so that you can find the perfect spot to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine.

So, go out. Drink wine. Save money.

PS. Read BYOB Etiquette and keep sharpening up your corkage game!


Download CorkageFee and find out what restaurants are charging in your area



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