Pumpkin and Wine – A Combination to Fall For!



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As the seasons begin to change and all things pumpkin begin to pack grocery shelves, it’s time for the best wine pairings for your favorite fall recipes. 

You might think that pumpkin has only been used for desserts until about twenty years ago when the recent pumpkin craze began with the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte aka: the PSL. …But you would be off by about 7,480 years! Pumpkins are believed to have originated in Central America over 7,500 years ago.” according to PBS. Although today’s pumpkins are a much different variety, less bitter and much larger! 

Whether you prefer to use pumpkin in a savory or sweet dish, there is always a great complimentary wine. 

Pumpkin and Wine

Pumpkin Appetizers: 

Pumpkin Soup paired with a Chenin Blanc

Pumpkin Risotto paired with a Chardonnay or Champagne

Pumpkin Main Courses: 

Pumpkin Seed Enchiladas paired with a Cabernet France

Pumpkin Ravioli paired with a Zinfandel

Pumpkin Curry paired with a Gewurztraminer 

Pumpkin Stew paired with a Riesling  

Pumpkin Chili paired with a Zinfandel

Pumpkin Desserts: 

Pumpkin Pie paired with a Moscato

Pumpkin Spice Cookies paired with a Chardonnay

Pumpkin Creme Brulee paired with a Madeira

There are so many pumpkin and wine pairing possibilities. You are sure to create a cozy atmosphere each time you serve a pumpkin dish. We would love to see your unique combinations. Share your pumpkin pairings with us! 


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