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Hosting a wine tasting party is a fun, easy and exciting adventure to experience. While many wine enthusiasts indulge in attending wine tastings at various restaurants and wine shops, hosting your own wine tasting can become even more enjoyable. Prepare to host your own wine party by following these helpful steps and tips.

  • Set a Date – Choose a date and time that you will like to have your wine tasting party. Send out invites via email or call your guests personally to invite them to your event.
  • Choose the Wine – This is one of the most exciting parts of hosting a wine tasting. You get to choose a variety of delectable wines to serve to your guests. Will you serve Red, White, Rose’ or Sparkling wine? It’s your choice!
  • Pair the Wine with Food – Appetizer pairings such as cheese, bread, grilled vegetables, meats, fish and desserts are great choices to pair with wine. Remember to pair the wines with appetizers and food that complement each other.
  • Choose the Glassware – Make sure you have enough glasses available for your guests to savor every sip of wine they taste. Choose glasses that are narrow at the rim when compared to the middle of the glass. Choose glasses that allow you to swirl a few ounces of wine without any escaping onto your clothing or floor.
  • Prepare the Table – Display the wine on a white table cloth to allow your guests to easily see the color of the wine. Also place the appetizers close to each wine pairing for easy access and to lessen the risk of confusion.

These easy steps will guide you on your journey of becoming a host of a wine tasting party. You can make the experience more captivating by working the wine tasting around a theme. Choose a country such as France, Italy, Australia and other wine regions around the world to base your party around. For example if you choose France, you can choose to serve wines only from France, add special French décor and serve French appetizers. The most important part is to have fun, enjoy the company of your guests and savor every sip of delectable wine.


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