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Spain has created delectable wine for centuries and continues to search for the best land, grapes and conditions to develop even more incredible wine. Those that are new to the beautiful world of wine may find it surprising and even overwhelming to choose from such a large variety of Spanish wines. This helpful list will guide you on your journey of exploring the best wines from Spain.

  • Mestizaje Tinto, Bodega Mustiguillo – This prize-winning Spanish wine has notes of blueberry and plum and has a spicy complexity.
  • Muga Blanco, Bodegas Muga, Rioja – This delectable Spanish wine has notes of almond, honey and citrus. It has the perfect blend of Malvasia and Viura and is aged in oak.
  • Cientruenos, Garnacha, La Calandria, Navarra – You will enjoy this delicious Spanish wine as you enjoy notes of dark cherry, oak and tapenade. This wine is generous on the palate and at the same time subtle.
  • Albariño, Pazo Barrantes, Rias Baixas – This amazing wine may have a white peppery finish, but also has notes of honeysuckle and candied lemon that make your experience with this wine delightful.
  • Albariño, Pazo de Señoráns, Rías Baixas – This spicy, fruity wine pairs well with a variety of fish dishes. It has notes of citrus, green apple and nectarine.
  • Rioja Blanco, Finca Allende – Generous to your palate, this incredible Spanish wine if filled with delectable notes of kiwi, mango, pineapple, lemon and a subtle hint of star anise.
  • Contino, Reserva, Rioja – This Spanish wine is perfect to serve at a dinner party that includes guests that are wine enthusiasts or those new to the world of wine. Fermented in oak this wine has a perfect balance with notes of raspberry and strawberry that impresses everyone.
  • Cérvoles Blanc, Cérvoles Celler, Costers del Segre – Complex and generous this Spanish wine provides delectable notes of almond, pineapple, brioche, nutmeg and a variety of white-fleshed fruits.

Indulge and savor every sip of these delightful Spanish wines. Choose to save a bottle for a special occasion, serve it at a dinner party or cherish it for a romantic evening. Spain produces a wide variety of wines that range from affordable to expensive. You are sure to find the perfect Spanish wine that pleases and excites your palate as well as fits your budget.


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